Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Favourite Gardens - Ashtall Manor

On Sunday 22nd June I found myself at Ashtall Manor where Rosie Pearson was holding her biennial sculpture exhibition On Form in the glorious gardens designed by Isabel and Julian Bannerman. I had long wanted to visit the house as it was rented by my step-grandfather, Sir Alfred Herbert, for some years until WW1, after which he arranged for it to be used as a home for injured servicemen. After the war it was returned to the owner, Lord Redesdale, who moved in in 1917 and there brought up his daughters, the famous Mitford sisters.
Another reason for attending was that one of the exhibitors is my cousin, Luke Dickinson.

William Peers 'Wild Albert' and Paul Vanstone's 'Senator'
  Click here for more photos of the garden and the sculptures

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